Wednesday, April 26, 2006


now all i need is to go up a couple more levels

The other night, well, I don't remember which night, but a few days ago, like, a month? Jaime met an eighth level Mortgage Advisor online who agreed to help us battle a Skeptical Lender (which we previously thought might be an Apocryphal Lender, but isn't as powerful anyhow, cause it can only cast lower level spells like 'Net of Un-worth' and 'Mask of Insolvency'). It required that we complete the side quest to cast 'Wave of Consolidation' on three Lesser Obligators, but we did it, earning us the 'Cloak of Dubious Avocation' and two 'Shields of Credible Employ.'

Long story short! We won favour with the kingdom of Buena Vista and were awarded a burgeoning fiefdom from which to mount future campaigns.

Huzzah! The Bat has his Belfry!

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