Sunday, August 23, 2009


I need a bigger back yard

Last night was my first time (that I can recall) go-karting. Friends Breen and JT, as well as their respective wives, Camelot and Steve, and Breen's sister-in-law, Felicity, invited me along for two races at Velocity Raceway.

It was exhilarating.

The karts are low and wide, so once I got the hang of braking and drifting, it was full speed as often as possible. Leaning into turns, cutting inside to overtake other karts, and feeling the scuttling sideways of my own kart as friction fought momentum to keep me hugging the hairpin turns were some of the most enjoyable sensations in the ten minute races.

After the first race, won by Breen, I was eager to use what I'd learned. Starting off quite close together, Breen, JT, and I held top positions for most of the race, battling back and forth, but were eventually overtaken by the previously unknown challenger, Kevin (who ultimately took first).

This is Breen, taking time to wave as I, #3, struggle to close the few feet between us:

Here are the final standings (Breen is Drailex, I am Sentinel, and JT is JT):

Camelot reluctantly opted out this time (for physical reasons), but I owe her a huge thanks for the fabulous photos and video she was able to take as a result!

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Back from more than a year of non-blogging enjoy these:

Have to say, I've always enjoyed the art concepts and writings about FF more than actually playing the games.

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