Saturday, March 26, 2005


"Did it matter what she wanted?"

I wake from the dream.

Acquaintances and I sit in a dark club.
It is definitely a "someplace to be."
Definitely not "the place to be."
We sample a new alcoholic version of Coke. It sports a large-script "D.W." across the lower front of the can.
"D.ark W.ater Coke "

Two twenty-somethings giggle knottily out from the ladies restroom, overlapping. Verbally. Physically.

The one in black. Black hair, short and rough-cut. Black top, low cut. Bare midriff.
Defying and demanding at once.

She slips between me and the table. Pressed close. She is an unattainable actress. She is a childhood crush, grown.

She challenges: "Try to resist me," her brattish smile blurred by proximity.

I win.

I wake from the dream.

Friday, March 25, 2005


CypressHills Posted by Hello


"You are here and so am I"

While I am in no better health or humour than any other moment of the day, my mind seeks stimulation beyond that of
1) meditating on the chaffing caused by a seemingly endless succession of impressively-filled tissues (which lay, grounded, in various damp constellations, charting my laboured progress from bed to couch and back again).
2) cataloguing the various aches and pains concurrent with what seems to be my perennial sinus infection.
3) bouying my dubious optimism with thoughts of how nice the house will look when I regain the energy to purge it of the mess that has gathered about me in my sickened state (including the afore-mentioned tissues).
Hence, I blog.
From the dizzying height of the computer chair I can clearly see that a new constellation is about to form.
What shall I name it?

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