Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Speaking of supper

A few days ago Jaime had one of those delightfully inspired culinary moments that, if we are prudent, we document so we can do it again. Unlike the wonderful veggie omelette I made a few months ago and can't recall AT ALL what I did. Which would be fine if my wife didn't flirtily request that I make it again every few weeks. It's one thing to invest a significant portion of your masculinity in domestic pursuits like cooking. But then to fail to perform to expectations once you've established them. GRUMBLE. Back to Jaime. And red pepper relish.
Having prepared a stir-fry of assorted veggies to mix in with the rice pasta she had cooked, Jaime whimsically decided to mix in the pictured red pepper relish, along with two kinds of cheese, torn up BBQ chicken, and some salt and pepper.

Fantastic! Sweet in a 'sweet and sour' sort of way, the difference between the relish flavour and the dark, planty flavour of the broccoli was really interesting. The brave of palate may choose to follow suit sometime. We'll be doing it again.

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